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The Trouble with Liverpool

  1. The Trouble with Liverpool

    Alright, I've just started my 6th Liverpool save, and find FM13 to be a tactical nightmare. Downloaded tactics barely work, and neither do self made tactics.

    I'm not big on asking for help (Mainly because of all the childish comments that usualy surface, but I'll save that rant for another time). But I'm really, REALLY frustrated. So, I'm asking you guys for some advice.

    I'm not asking to have tactics thrown at me or anything, just some tips on how to set up the team, that I can get some results.

    Transfers in:

    Jores Okore, Wilfried Zaha.

    Transfers Out:

    Martin Kelly, Doni, Joe Cole, Jonjo Shelvey (Loan, before someone starts to moan).

    I'm not sure what other info I should provide, but I'd be happy to throw up some screenshots if neccessary.

  2. i have had some success with mr h tactics but really there is no easy road this year

    you defo need another striker (I assume Zaha is for future) see if you can get a big name on long pay but Ba is ready to go and on 7.5 release clause

    be patient and have a look at R007's stuff about tactics

    good luck dude
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  3. Hi, i have had some good success with LFC, 3rd in season one, champs in season 2. Here is the formation i use:-

    RB (SUP) DC (D) DC (D) LB (SUP)
    DLP (D)
    CM (SUP) CM (SUP)
    IF W

    Play Suarez as the inside forward, and borini as the poacher, downing on the wing has been awesome!

    Kelly at right back, i sold agger and signed subotic to partner Skrtel at cb, enrique at left back.

    Lucas dlp, gerrard and allen in the middle. FOr second season i spent whole budget on Vidal from Juve to replace Lucas, and signed Dzogoev on a free.....working a treat.

    Good Luck! PS, i play attacking, more direct, clsing down

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