Liverpool FC 2nd season..

  1. Liverpool FC 2nd season..

    3rd season with Liverpool, came 3rd in both seasons and won CL in 2nd.

    Problem is that I dont lose much but I draw too many games, heres my usual squad..

    GK: Reina

    RB: Johnson
    DC: Dede
    LB: Alex Sandro

    CM: Lucas
    CM: Allen

    AMCR: Oscar
    AMC: Gotze
    AMCL: Wilshire

    ST: Suarez

    Subs: Volsgammer(Regen), Wallace, Coates, Robinson, Gerrard, Isco, Hernandez.

    Fierro, Adryan, Sterling, Honda, Doria, Javi Garcia
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  2. any chance you could please show me how you play with them? roles etc... I know there are many posts about this but out of all the football managers im dying on this one. I dont know about other people but this is by far the hardest fm. I think its the best but im so stubborn i have to do well with liverpool first. And by well i mean survive past xmas, as i keep getting fired.

  3. I think you have a decent squad the only issue being Gotze, Isco, Dede who can't speak English and that some members of you're team play different styles than others. I think if you just play with that squad and slowly introduce more youngsters. As you progress you're team will gel and play better as a unit.

  4. yeah you were right in 3rd season, loaned out most youngsters and sold a few players. (Borini 27M!)

    in feb and 6 point clear at top

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