Tactics trouble for a young team needing direction

  1. Tactics trouble for a young team needing direction

    I'm new to the detailed tactical side of Fm and am wondering which formation and playing style and what not would suit my team best. I'm doing my own personal challenge which is to get through from BSS to the Premier League with a team that I built on the editor. The challenge is that I have to get to the Premier League by winning every league, with a young team, without quitting because I am bored - never to see the save again.

    Here are the players that I have at my disposal: Courtois, Leno, Luke Shaw, Boilesen, Nastasic, Dragovic, K Papodopoluos, Emre Can, Vrsaljko, Santon, Alaba, Alex Grimaldo, Koke, G Xhaka, Lucas Andersen, Lamela, Verratti, Daehli, Isco, Nick Powell, Shaqiri, Leitner, Ocampos, Deulofeu, El Shaarawy, B Rabello, Iturbe, Draxler, Insigne, Muniain, Erick Torres and Carlos Fierro.

    I also have Neymar and Messi and would appreciate it of you could tell me which position to play them in e.g. wing or up front, and DLF or Poacher or anything else.

    With the other players, I would love to know which ones to start more than others and what formation would get me the most goals, without conceding a lot also.

  2. try my tactic mate. I am done 4 season's from bottom in league 1 now

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