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13.2.1 tactics?

  1. 13.2.1 tactics?

    has anyone tried any tactics with this new patch?

    I have tried to create a few tactics but with no joy!

    I started with monaco and brought in ekdal, mannone (on loan) and some young players to try and get me out of division.

    during pre-season i do ok, comes to league and i get beat 2, 3, 4 - nil by poorer opposition

    ive tried jp woodys counter 442 dont think it works in this new patch. and made my own 433 with an Anch, DLP and AP in the middle, two Wingers and a poacher.

    ive put all the player shooting to rarely, put up time wasting and shoot from distance rarely still my players always shoot from distance i even tried shouts such as work ball into box etc, just keeps on happening

  2. Why not start out with either a flat 442 or a 451

    .1. ) Use a bog stardard Balanced - Counter

    2.) Place your 5 most important players in the starting 11 and and give them the roles that suits them the best

    3.) Now, put in the rest of the players to make sure there are enough support and defensive stability for these players

    4. ) Play a match and use Comprehesive mode and watch the game

    5.) Stop the game and think about what you have just seen. What does the flow look like ? Are you loosing out in possession, getting hit on the counter. Does it look like yuour defenders, midfielders and attackers and connecting to each other?

  3. Try Zero Sea's v6.... It works well with my Southampton so far.

  4. If you truly want to know how the game works, dont use downloaded plug & play tactics. If you just want to plug up a tactic and focus on team building and man management, then the suggestion above is a good one although dont expect the same results as in FM12 where almost all uploaded tactics abused some flaws in the Match Engine.

  5. Download 3.7.0 13.2.1.tac from - send big files the easy way my 370 m8 waiting for it to be approved attack home standard away or mix it up what suits

  6. TheBetterHalf, I know. Its a bit shame Im using p&p tactics... I have tried to create my own but without any success. Simply, there is so many ''things'' to think about, issues and tactical tricks to sort out, Im just getting frustrated... Patience, I know thats the key. Another thing, none of my friends are playing FM so I dont have anyone to give ma advice hoew to learn building a tactics from the scratch, step by step... I think dickhead like me should stay with p&p hahaha... Have a good day.
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