Everton 3rd Season Help

  1. Everton 3rd Season Help

    I am in my third season with Everton.

    Previous two seasons finished as follows:

    12/13 - 6th
    13/14 - 5th

    Although the league finish isn't too bad, my goal difference has been very poor for a team in that position.

    Can anyone suggest a plug and play tactic that I could use, as I also have better players this season. Player list below:

    Tim Howard
    Vito Mannone

    Phil Jagielka
    Raul Albiol
    Simon Kjaer
    Seamus Coleman
    Alexander Kolarov

    Javi Garcia
    Vladimir Weiss
    Gonzalo Castro
    Iago Falque

    Lacina Traore

    I also have some very good regens in my team, but for now base the tactic on the players above and I can match players up.

  2. What kind of formation would you like to play longterm ( to suit the newgens when they raise in stats)?. Flat 442, 4231 ?

  3. 4-2-3-1 Would be ideal.

    Failing that 4-2-2-2 would work.

  4. I've been playing 4-2-3-1 with 2 DM's (DLP And Anchorman) , 2 Wingers and 1 AP - support along with a poacher and it has been working great with everton.

  5. Have you changed player instructions on that one


  6. Have a look at these 2 versions

    COUNTER - a deep 4231, your normal starting tactic

    STRETCH - Against teams sitting deep. to stretch their defence

    MCright - The more creative

    Mcleft - Strong alround ballwinner that sometimes burst forward

    Wingers - Any really

    AMC - Any really

    FC - Advanced FC/ Complete/ Deeplying

    These 2 versions won me the Prem with Forest 2013/14 and I am currently top of the league with 15 points in 2014/15
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  7. Forgot about the 3rd version that I mainly use to see out results when winning 2-0 etc..or when facing a really, really good opponent that attacks with fury
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  8. Nice one ill try these and let you know how I get on.

  9. Cheers

    Looking forward hearing how it works from you.
    Personallyk I use Defensive positioning in the match prep as My team somewhat lacks the needed stats for defending well.

  10. Right I tried this tactic pack and did everything you said with no luck! Was losing away to teams like Southampton and getting torn to pieces by the bigger clubs. Thanks for the help though.

    I really need a tactic which creates a few CCC per match and doesnt defend so badly away.

    I have started to use JP Woodys Complete Football, which is going okay, but still just plodding along with 1-0 wins, poor possesion and goal difference in 5th place.

    Proper losing the will to play the game here. Tried everything I know of!

    Ideally I need to find a tactic where my striker scores the majority of my goals, which should not be a problem with Lacina Traore, Jelavic and the regens I have.

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