Napoli 3-5-2 formation

  1. Napoli 3-5-2 formation

    Has anyone got a decent 3-5-2 formation for Napoli, i downloaded one but it was the old format where you cant change the player roles. I holidayed part of season and the asst manager played a 352 standard and it got the best out of Cavani and Benitez playing together, has anyone got any that will make me dominate?


  2. i played vs them in the champions league, and they we're the only team to absolutely trash me both games. i was in my 2nd season as tottenham.. they basicly played a 3-4-2-1.. Cavani the tank up front, with 2 AMC's behind him.
    so i recently tried it with my other favorite team Parma, and it rly crushes, just make sure u have MR and ML on support, so u dont get overun on the wings

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