I have been using 4-2-3-1 with CM's rather than DM's all through this game and my only success came with Liverpool in season's 1 and 3 with league titles. Failed with Chelsea, Dortmund and now it's gone to pot with Arsenal finishing 6th 1st season and now in 16th after 5 games.

I have sold a lot of players, got my budget to £100m first year and bought:

Baines, Varane, Gotze, Munain & Falcao.

Second season:

Lucas, Gundogan, Suarez, Llorente.

So my line up is:

Scezcny (however it's spelt)

Sagna --- Varane --- Vermaelen --- Baines

Gundogan BPM --- Lucas CM

Suarez AP --- Gotze AP --- Munain IF

Falcao P

Any hints on how to get this to click, really doing my head in now.