Need tactic to Fenerbahce

  1. Need tactic to Fenerbahce

    I'm a manager of Fenerbahce since season 2014/15. In first games team play very,very well and won against weaker opponent in Europa League, but when the turkish league started team started play badly and lose against Galatasaray 4-2 also Werder in Europe League 3-0. I don't know what's is wrong. What i observe is this that in first games when i won shots are high, but only few of them is on target. 20 shots and only 4,5 on target. In games against weaker opponent there isn't problem(finally i get score, because i've more shots but when i play with bigger team(and less shots) my Fenerbahce play baaad.

    From the begin of my carrer in Fenerbahce i've problem with my AM. He is invisible and neuter.
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  2. drop amc to mc and one mc to dmc. try this mate Raikan007's & Fuss' Complete Madness tactic 433 DM

  3. But if i do this, my formation is more defensive and i don't know what role set my MC. Advance playmaker(attack) and ? in DM better anchor man or defensive midfield ?

  4. this mc would be deep lying playmaker and second mc is ball wiining mid, dm is standard defensive mid

  5. But in this way i've only 1 player (poacher) with attack duty. 4 for with defense(GK,2xCD and DM) and 6 with support(DL Playmaker, ball wining mid, fullbacks and wingers)

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