Liverpool 2nd season help

  1. Liverpool 2nd season help

    Hi guys!! I had an unbeaten first season with Liverpool using 4-4-2 flat and wide diamond . Since then the interest in my players from other managers grew. There was a lot of transfer activities in the pre-season. My current players quite different from the first season ones. Could you please suggest me some good tactics.
    Here are some of my top players.
    Liverpool 2nd season help-beni.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-benp.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-carroll.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-carrollp.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-downingi.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-downingp.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-feri.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-ferp.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-hendo.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-hendop.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-pedroi.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-pedrop.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-ramirezi.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-ramirezp.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-rondon.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-rondonp.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-stevei.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-stevep.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-suarez.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-suarezp.jpg

    This is how they look in my current set up.
    Liverpool 2nd season help-.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-b1.jpg
    Though I have a lot of potentials for AF role, there isn't anyone backing up Suarez. And then Fernando isn't the best DLP(My playmaker) you could find.
    Here are my potential superstars.
    Liverpool 2nd season help-adryan.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-adryanp.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-anderson.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-andersonp.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-biplob.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-biplobp.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-carlos.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-carlosp.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-jack.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-jackp.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-jonjo.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-jonjop.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-juan.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-juanp.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-raheem.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-raheemp.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-rasmus.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-rasmusp.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-suso.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-susop.jpg

    And in my save, Danny is transfer listed. I could get him for $18mil at 100k p/w. Should I go for him?
    Liverpool 2nd season help-danny.jpgLiverpool 2nd season help-dannyp.jpg

    I got a $20.5 mil offer for Downing, I initially accepted it but declined once he asked for 40k p/w for four years. Thats like $8.32 mil. Arsenal are still interested. Should I offer him in January? And how do you get rid of Aquilani and Joe Cole?
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